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Nantucket has some of the world's most beautiful beaches. Whether you are looking for a relaxing family beach day, a day surfing the waves, or anything in between, you will find the perfect beach on Nantucket. Here are a few of the best beaches in Nantucket so you can find the perfect one to unwind and relax at, surf the waves, or have a family outing.

Best Beaches in Nantucket

Beaches on the Nantucket Sound

Nantucket's North Shore Beaches are located on the Nantucket Sound, also known as The Bay side of the island. This means that there is warmer water and gentler surf.  

Children's Beach is walking distance from town and is perfect for families with young children. Life guards are on duty, and there is a park, playgroup, restrooms with showers, and a restaurant with picnic tables. 

Jetties Beach is another family friendly beach with lifeguards and full facilities available including a restaurant, playground, and restrooms.  

Steps Beach is located between Dionis and Jetties beaches and can be accessed from Cliff Road.  Steps is more secluded than Jetties, with no lifeguard, facilities, and little parking.  The view from the top of the steps descending down to the beach is an iconic Nantucket image.  

Brant Point Beach is an exception to the calm surf of the North Shore beaches and has stronger currents.  Brant Point Beach is great for getting an up-close view of the Brant Point Lighthouse, and watching all the boats go by.

Nantucket South Shore Beaches

Nantucket's South Shore Beaches are on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island. This means bigger waves and stronger surf. 

Cisco Beach is very popular for surfers and young adults.  Lifeguards are on duty, and parking is available, but there are no facilities.  Surfing lessons and surf board rentals are available here through the Nantucket Island Surf School and ACK Surf School.

Surfside Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Nantucket.  Despite the big waves, it is a very family friendly beach with lifeguards, facilities, and a restaurant. Surfside is a wide beach, great for picnics, beach games, and diving through the waves. 

Fisherman's Beach is located between Surfside and Nobadeer and has many of the benefits of both beaches, but with fewer crowds.  Beachgoers love the beautiful dunes and great surf.  There are no lifeguards or facilities, but the facilities at Surfside Beach are the perfect distance away for a nice walk on the beach.  

Miacomet Beach has the best of both worlds, with the stronger surf in the ocean, and Miacomet Pond for those who are looking for a calmer swimming experience.  There are lifeguards on duty, parking available, but no facilities. 

Madaket Beach is at the far western end of Nantucket and is perfect for watching the sunset.  There is some parking and lifeguards, but no facilities.  Stop by Madaket Millie's for dinner after watching the sunset! 

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