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Nantucket — "Best Island in the World" by National Geographic

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Nantucket is a charming Island with an independent spirit. The Faraway Land located 30 miles off Cape Cod's southern coast has the highest concentration of pre-Civil War homes in the country, 82 miles of coastline, and not one traffic light in sight. 

The entire island —a mere 50 square miles —has recently been designated a National Historic Landmark, and its diminutive scale makes for easy exploration of its myriad sights and rich living history. 

At the heart of the island's enchantment is idyllic Main Street--named "One of America's Greatest Main Streets" by Travel & Leisure Magazine; a centuries-old aggregate of remarkably preserved 18th and 19th-century architecture coexists, along shady streets and byways, with au courant shops, galleries, hotels, bed & breakfasts, and restaurants featuring award-winning, inspired cuisine.

The island's 82 miles of picture-perfect, freely-accessible, and highly-acclaimed beaches alone are worth a visit!  Nearly half of Nantucket's 30,000 acres are preserved under the protective stewardship of the Land Bank and Conservation Foundation. Within these pastoral tracts, 100 botanical and 300 bird species--many of them rare--luxuriate. A 32-mile network of gently-meandering bicycle paths invites exhilarating exploration of town and its hinterlands.

Well-preserved historical sites, as well as downtown's Cultural District comprised of museums, theaters, and galleries ensure visitors can immerse themselves in Nantucket's diverse treasures. Alternate the in-Town experience with dreamy days relaxing on land or sea — or "hanging ten" on southern beaches popular with surfers!

Nantucket is one of America's most prestigious ports of call; in season, the variety and opulence of vessels moored in Nantucket Harbor is impressive. Sophisticated palates will find extraordinary dining in sumptuous, simple or al fresco settings. Island cuisine has as its hallmark local seafood, which is fresh, plentiful and delicious.

A bevy of pastimes, so much natural splendor, and endless recreational pursuits make the Faraway Island a peerless destination.