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Health & Wellness

If you are looking for a workout beyond running or biking on Nantucket's beautiful bike paths, there are many options to try!

The Nantucket Health Club is Nantucket's traditional gym environment.  You can join for the season, or get a day pass at the door.  Group classes and personal training are both available. 

EZIA Athletic Club is Nantucket's premier personal training gym.  Meet with one of EZIA's expert personal trainers who will help you meet all of your fitness goals.

Nantucket Cycling & Fitness offers various classes including spin, barre, TRX, CrossFit, and HIIT. Babysitting is available during some classes. 

Studio Nantucket offers Barre, High Intensity Interval Barre, Bootcamp, and Pilates Reform Classes.  These four classes make up The Studio Method which is designed to develop core strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. 

Dharma Yoga offers traditional yoga classes in addition to aerial yoga for those looking for something more adventurous.  

Supta Yoga is a community-oriented yoga studio offering various types of yoga classes.  Most classes are in a warmed studio, between 90 and 98 degrees.

Paddle Nantucket offers private and group stand up paddle board classes.  If you are looking to test your balance, they offer paddle board yoga classes. Paddle Nantucket also offers paddle board tours and rentals.

Life Massage is a massage studio located on Amelia Drive. Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating massage after a tough workout or a day on the beach. 

Lavender Farm is a wellness studio with massage therapy, sports massage, and therapeutic massage. Treat yourself to treatments like cranial sacral therapy, Zen Body therapy, or a deep tissue massage. 

Graceline offers classes in a variety of styles, including tai chi, capoeira, power yoga, meditation, hot yoga, and more. This center also offers holistic and innovative treatments like an infrared sauna, magnesium chamber, and sound healing.

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