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Scalloping in Nantucket is a hugely popular (and delicious) activity each fall. Beginning October 1, scalloping opens up for individuals and families in Nantucket. Within the cold waters of the Nantucket Sound, you'll find what many argue to be the best bay scallops in the world. Scalloping opens up to commercial fisherman November 1. 

Because scallops are vulnerable, there are some strict regulations for those who want to get in the waters and catch fresh scallops. 

Catching scallops is essentially simple. Cover as much ground as possible and pick up the scallops you find along the way. You will need to follow some guidelines and gather some specific equipment for a successful excursion scalloping in the Nantucket Sound.

Scalloping Equipment

  • Waders or a wet suit
  • A push rake
  • A clam basket with a floating device
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Warm clothes

Where to Go Scalloping

The harbors of Nantucket are prime for scalloping. The most popular are Madaket and Monomoy. 

Scalloping Rules & Regulations

Only choose scallops that have a raised, well-defined growth ring or are .5 inches in height from the bottom of the shell.

You much have a license that is prominently displayed. Pick up your license at the Nantucket Public Safety Building at 4 Fairgrounds Road. 

  • Annual resident shellfishing licenses are $35 or free for adults over 60
  • Annual non-resident licenses are $125
  • Single week licenses are $50