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16 Apr 2024
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During the spring season, the island of Nantucket awakens, breathing new life into the landscape. While the summer is known as the more vibrant and bustling season on the island, spring offers a unique opportunity to experience Nantucket in a more leisurely state. Before the summer crowds arrive, take a moment to explore the island and dive into the unique small-town atmosphere mixing history and natural splendor.  Witness the iconic blooms of daffodils, rejuvenating hikes, and delectable cuisine during off-season. Spend your spring reconnecting with yourself and savoring the simple wonders that make the island so captivating with these local activities.

Local Nantucket Spring Festivals

Nantucket celebrates spring with an exciting lineup of events! The busiest of these is the cherished annual Daffodil Festival starting mid-April. At the end of spring, you can finish up with the Nantucket Film Festival.

Daffodil Festival

One of the most anticipated spring events is a joyous festival celebrating spring’s flowers, The Daffodil Festival! Enjoy the golden beds of daffodils across the island and witness the Daffodil Flower Show, antique car shows, and family activities on the beach. The Daffodil Festival is the perfect transition to spring, celebrating the bright colors and vibrant laughs throughout Nantucket. Bring your best daffodil inspired outfit and celebrate spring in Nantucket, MA.

Nantucket Food and Wine Festival

Another fan-favorite event to revel in during the spring is the Nantucket Food and Wine Festival. Take part in hands-on cooking demonstrations led by renowned chefs and enjoy multi-course meals featuring the fresh local ingredients. Follow up by attending private wine tastings and networking with other food enthusiasts. The Food and Wine Festival offers the ideal setting for enjoying the flavors of the season along with the island’s lively hospitality culture.

Nantucket Film Festival

At the end of spring, the Nantucket Film Festival offers the perfect gathering for film buffs in the area or visiting the area. Get a unique behind-the-scenes experience with Q+A sessions with filmmakers, garden events, and exclusive screenings surrounded by the beauty of the island! Get a glimpse into the creative process of storytelling and what goes into bringing visions to reality. Buy tickets online to add this festival to your vacation lineup!

Outdoor Activities in Nantucket that Blossom in the Spring

Beyond the annually anticipated festivals, Nantucket boasts a wealth of natural beauty waiting to be discovered in the spring. From trails and birdwatching to exploring local businesses downtown, there’s always something to do for adventure seekers and those who want to experience the island before business picks up. Go back in time walking along cobblestone paths and admiring the historic architecture on your self-guided tour through history.

Visit the Lighthouses on the Island

No visit to Nantucket would be complete without visiting the iconic lighthouses on the island. The Sankaty Head Lighthouse is one of the most recognizable on the island with its prominent red and white stripes. It provides expansive views of the Atlantic and surrounding coastline from its perch on the bluffs. In late spring, the lighthouse opens, inviting users to make the climb to the top. For a more intimate experience, Brant Point Lighthouse is the shortest in the US, but has had the tall task of guiding mariners since 1756. While you can’t go inside this lighthouse, you can take some great pictures that capture the beauty of Nantucket in spring.

Birding on the Island

For nature enthusiasts, the Linda Loring Nature Foundation provides a paradise for birdwatchers throughout spring and summer. There are many opportunities to observe plenty of migratory birds on this protected reserve. A stunning array of feathered visitors stay for the Foundation's diverse habitats ranging from coastal grasslands to forests. A trip through the nature preserve will appeal to both casual nature lovers and seasoned birdwatchers.

Culinary Delights Open for Spring in Nantucket

Springtime on Nantucket brings a thriving culinary scene as the days lengthen and the air becomes crisp again. During this enchanting time of year, here are a couple of restaurants to check out!

With its creative approach to seaside cuisine, Nautilus never fails to please when it comes to coastal dining. Blending flavors of many countries, Nautilus creates unique dishes ranging from spring salads to whole roasted duck. Enjoy a custom cocktail to go with your meal that is made with locally distilled spirits and take in the restaurant's light, nautically inspired decor while you eat and take in views of the harbor. Whether you’re looking to feed an entire group or find your next favorite dish, Nautilus has a delicious meal for you. 

The Proprietors

Another must-visit destination is The Proprietors, an acclaimed restaurant located in the heart of downtown Nantucket. From start to finish, the dining experience is reminiscent of Nantucket’s rich seafaring history that inspired families to dine together and enjoy the fresh catch sailors would bring home to their families. The Proprietors’ menu bursts with vibrant flavors that celebrate locally sourced protein and fresh produce throughout the season. The atmosphere features an open kitchen and that creates the perfect setting to enjoy a leisurely meal and soak in the revitalizing energy of the island during Spring.

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Although slower than the summer, springtime in Nantucket is full of exciting events and beautiful scenes. Whether you’re drawn to the charming cobblestone walkways, the scenic views of the lighthouses and trails, Nantucket promises to delight during the calmer season. When it comes to planning your spring getaway, there’s no better way to find the perfect accommodation than booking with The Copley Group Nantucket. From Nantucket rentals with private pools and hot tubs to beautiful homes with water views, we offer an unparalleled selection of properties that allow you to fully immerse yourself in Nantucket’s captivating allure.

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